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WR log
  Date Racer Track Car Laptime Set  
  08/04/2011 n AS GP Rev XR GTR 2:38.800  
  08/04/2011 cpalmberg AS Hist Formula XR 2:24.370  
  08/04/2011 kart-36 SO Chicane Rev LX6 1:09.160  
  08/04/2011 kart-36 AS Club Rev LX6 1:08.120  
  08/04/2011 kart-36 SO Sprint1 LX6 0:52.690  
  08/04/2011 kart-36 SO Classic LX6 0:47.860  
  08/04/2011 kart-36 FE Black Rev LX4 2:52.060  
  08/04/2011 ruben_drifter KY GP Rev FXO 2:47.370  
  08/03/2011 ulisse KY Oval Rev BMW F1 Sauber 0:31.310  
  08/03/2011 arox123 FE Gold Rev Formula V8 1:05.960  
  08/03/2011 daniel1992 WE Int Formula XR 1:33.030  
  08/03/2011 cpalmberg AS Nat Formula XR 1:46.550  
  08/03/2011 AS Cadet Rev RACEABOUT 0:54.990  
  08/03/2011 SO Classic Rev RACEABOUT 0:49.140  
  08/03/2011 SO Sprint1 RACEABOUT 0:52.830  
  08/03/2011 kart-36 SO Classic LX6 0:48.050  
  08/03/2011 kart-36 SO Classic LX4 0:49.980  
  08/02/2011 ilbens KY GP Rev Formula BMW FB02 2:24.610  
  08/02/2011 suzuki94 FE Gold Rev XR GTR 1:13.170  
  08/02/2011 maunokasa AS Nat Rev Formula V8 1:33.180  
  08/02/2011 maunokasa AS Nat Formula V8 1:33.150  
  08/02/2011 maunokasa AS Club Rev Formula V8 0:53.500  
  08/02/2011 maunokasa AS Club Formula V8 0:52.970  
  08/02/2011 arox123 FE Gold Rev Formula V8 1:06.120  
  08/02/2011 imol FE Gold FZ50 1:30.090  
  08/02/2011 kart-36 FE Gold Rev UF 1000 1:50.820  
  08/02/2011 ilbens KY GP Rev MRT5 2:48.040  
  08/02/2011 reigga KY GP XF GTI 3:07.680  
  08/02/2011 kart-36 KY Nat XF GTI 2:14.170  
  08/02/2011 reigga KY GP XR GT 3:07.030  
  08/02/2011 kart-36 SO Town Rev RB4 GT 1:30.830  
  08/02/2011 toga BL GP RB4 GT 1:23.220  
  08/01/2011 suzuki94 FE Gold Rev XR GTR 1:13.370  
  08/01/2011 vourliotis FE Green Rev XR GTR 1:00.660  
  08/01/2011 torpp1s FE Gold Rev Formula V8 1:06.300  
  08/01/2011 ilbens SO Sprint1 MRT5 0:54.410  
  08/01/2011 imol BL GP MRT5 1:21.360  
  08/01/2011 reigga KY GP XF GTI 3:08.070  
  08/01/2011 reigga KY Nat XF GTI 2:14.220  
  07/31/2011 ilbens SO Classic Formula BMW FB02 0:43.500  
  07/31/2011 darknesspainf1 KY Oval Rev BMW F1 Sauber 0:31.320  
  07/31/2011 maunokasa WE Int Rev Formula V8 1:21.290  
  07/31/2011 maunokasa WE Int Formula V8 1:20.680  
  07/30/2011 maunokasa SO Chicane Rev Formula V8 0:54.640  
  07/30/2011 kart-36 KY GP Rev UF 1000 3:23.150  
  07/30/2011 jpeace WE Int Rev MRT5 1:56.420  
  07/30/2011 jpeace WE Int MRT5 1:56.230  
  07/30/2011 autopilot KY Nat XR TURBO 1:58.920  
  07/29/2011 juunasd KY Oval FZ50 0:44.750  
  07/29/2011 hantti SO Sprint1 RACEABOUT 0:52.950  
  1   1   512  
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HOOKE 1:28:35 BL GP XRT LFS S1 =)
ttterroodoxxx vaxo: you can check anything what your want to know on lfs forum, if you dont find it make your own thread
To M-Power The setups install automatically,you just have to click on them. If they do not extract automatically,then extract them in LFS/Data/Setups
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vaxo hi is any one know s when a ne lfs come out or will they make a new lfs or more cars? is anyone know something new about lfs?:) sory my bad english
Naxxraz @snudde, u need to buy game or activate it ingame to get more tracks/cars :)
Snudde Why can I only race on Blackwood. I'd like to race other tracks too
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