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About us

We founded the team in 2002. That was the time, when the first hungarian league started. We were among the founders. Since then, we are part of this high level competition. Our recent record is a 2nd place in the teams' championship. We've been to numerous international racing events, scoring wins and podiums.
In 2005 a great group of guys from Toulouse joined. Their leader was Edgar, who still leads the French commando.
In 2007 team Inferno revitalized with the help of German team leader Commander. Along with squasseL and silver there came a new wave of excitement and speed.
In 2008 Team Inferno will claim a higher level. With the lead of csurdongulos, Miklos Borsos (MikeF1) & Csaba Homonnai (e2mustang) just joined us, and we are ready to attack the world's LFS Leagues. Marius Golombeck (squasseL) is the official Team Manager now, willing to keep the team alive - and we are still alive. So stay tuned and watch our news. Try our Setups or talk with us on the servers.

Gergő Palee


Co-founder of the team/Racer

Name: Gergely Humicsko
Age: 30
LFS Name: Gergo.Inferno
LFSWorld Nick: Gergo
LFS since: 2002


Co-founder of the team/Racer

Name: Pal Orosz
Age: 34
LFS Name: Palee.Inferno
LFSWorld Nick: Palee
LFS since: 2002

csűrdöngülős Commander


Racer/Public Relations

Name: Viktor Szabo
Age: 27
LFS Name: Csűrdöngülős.Inferno
LFSWorld Nick: csurdongulos
LFS since: 2003


Racer/Sales Representative

Name: Jörn Dombrowski
Age: 21
LFS Name: Commander.Inferno
LFSWorld Nick: Commander
LFS since: 2002

squasseL fidi99


Team Manager/Racer

Name: Marius Golombeck
Age: 16
LFS Name: squasseL.Inferno
LFSWorld Nick:bash0r
LFS since: 2002


Name:Gyula Ignáth
Age: 32
LFS Name: fidi.Inferno
LFSWorld Nick: fidi99
LFS since: 2005

Edgar Bruno



Name: Clemént Gaillard
Age: 26
LFS Name: Edgar.Inferno
LFSWorld Nick: Edgar
LFS since: 2003



Name: Bruno LaForest
Age: 33
LFS Name: Bruno.Inferno
LFSWorld Nick: Bruno7529
LFS since: 2005

e2mustang MikeF1


Name: Csaba Homonnai
Age: 22
LFS Name: Mustang.Inferno
LFSWorld Nick: e2mustang
LFS since: 2006



Name: Miklos Borsos
Age: 25
LFS Name: mike.Inferno
LFSWorld Nick: mikef1
LFS since: 2008

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HOOKE 1:28:35 BL GP XRT LFS S1 =)
ttterroodoxxx vaxo: you can check anything what your want to know on lfs forum, if you dont find it make your own thread
To M-Power The setups install automatically,you just have to click on them. If they do not extract automatically,then extract them in LFS/Data/Setups
ton surnom ici parlez ici !
ton surnom ici -1'
-1' parlez ici !
///M-Power Who has a good Race Setup fot the XF GTI ?
///M-Power Where we have to extract the setup files ?
tutaj nick a tutaj pisz
-1' a tutaj pisz
gojaz my pass
gojaz hi
gojaz yes
BSDBoy Soo is team inferno still alive?
gn01982203 BLGP XR GT
vaxo hi is any one know s when a ne lfs come out or will they make a new lfs or more cars? is anyone know something new about lfs?:) sory my bad english
Naxxraz @snudde, u need to buy game or activate it ingame to get more tracks/cars :)
Snudde Why can I only race on Blackwood. I'd like to race other tracks too
mgnulp Sag deine Meinung
zqayujnm Parlez ici !
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